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TIUA students are coming

I asked my German friend, what are the stereotypes of Japanese in Germany.
He said “Short” and “Camera.”
I don’t want to be viewed as a short person who always bring a camera, so I asked the same question to my another American friend and expected a better answer.

She said, “Sushi” and “Chopsticks”.
There are so many differences between Japanese and American cultures that there is enough for me to write a book about them, and I’m not wise enough to summarize them all into my little blog.
I think I’m just going to talk about something useful this time, which will help you easily get along with Japanese people, and you can experiment….hmm…practice with…..well, no…make your life more enjoyable with TIUA students, the students exchange from Japan, arrive at campus next week.
1) Introduce yourself first and big smile every time when you see them.
2) Start to talk to them A LOT.
Although they may only give you “yes” and “no,” and you may find it difficult to keep the conversation, the longer you try, the more impressive you will seem. Because you are the one who can increase their English skills, when you see how fast their English improves, you will just feel awesome and probably can ask for pay from the language department. You will be entertained by the adorableness of their English accent.
Usually TIUA students’ favorite American roommate is the one who is very talkative and friendly, and usually one TIUA favorite roommate will be famous among all TIUA students.
You will be famous!!!
3) Be patient.
It takes time for Japanese people make decisions. Really, it takes time. The best thing you can do is you can just make every question more specific. For example, you may ask them do you want to go hiking or shopping rather then what you wanna do this Friday.
4) Try to teach them when they say something that is not appropriate.
Because the cultural differences and language gap, TIUA students may say something that you find rude. Don’t be upset about that, you just need to teach them it is not appropriate to say that in this case and they will be very happy to learn something like that.
5) They believe whatever you say to them.
So please don’t make up some really bad lies about your culture or other things.

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