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Développement Durable en France

There are many things that can be said about sustainability. Over the past few years, I think people in France have become more and more aware of the problems generated by the negative impact of non-recyclable items which jeopardize sustainable development. I think this feeling is shared in many countries in Europe. People get involved in many ways, from recycling sorting (which is the rule in almost every French city and village) to composting. In addition to that, in order to face the rise of price of gas, many people are more eager to carpool and environmental protection is now a central point in political debates.

For this new entry, I’d like to introduce you to an interesting way of contributing to the sustainable movement that is gaining more and more supporters in France and which I think can win the contest of the coolest environmentally friendly products: biodegradable clothing. These clothes can made of natural and non-treated fibers such as biological cotton, wool, flax, silk or hemp. These clothes don’t contain petroleum synthetics and you can find absolutely everything and anything, from underwear to more classy garments. Furthermore, you contribute to environmental protection at the same time, what could be more exciting?!
The ‘e-commerce’ (ecological trade) has been developing very fast in the past few years in France and it includes very diverse areas, although its main target remains food. I think the only problem is that it is still too expensive compared to non-bio products and it can stop people from actually buying natural products. I personally think it should be the state’s responsibility to take measures encouraging people to go and buy those products.
Here is the link for a company that sells biological clothing:
Check out these clothes! How do you like them?

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