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Haunted Kremlin

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Old fortresses, even after one battle, are sometimes claimed to have ghosts and spirits of defeated souls roaming them. Kremlin was priginally a fortress, then a castle of aort, and more recently served as headquarters for a major world power that was spreading workers’ revolution throughout the world.
Internal political conflicts, assassinations of political leaders and signing of orders to murder millions of people taint the history of an architectural giant in the heart of Moscow. Legends of restless spirits that wander Kremlin were heard in all corners of Russian Empire and the fear-imspiring stories left people asking themselves just how much of Kremlin’s bloody history remains classified or hidden.

The ghosts of Kremlin include Lenin, Ivan the terrible, and Kirov as well as many simple folk whose names were lost before being recorded Russian history.
Originally, the area where Kremlin is situated today was a pagan “sacred” ground – people would come from areas nearby seeking healing from a large stone in the ground. After Byzanthium empire influenced Russia to convert into christianity, about 30 monasteries were surrounding the area, making the location a pilgrimage spot. When Russia became de-tribalized and centralized, the place that is now the Red Square was used for public executions and was surrounded by a moat, into which remains of tortured prisoners were thrown.
It was within the Kremlin walls that the infamous due to his brutality Ivan the Terrible killed his own son in blind rage. Tsar Nicolas I mentioned in his memoirs that the ghost of Ivan the Terrible visiting him in the royal quarters.
Ivan the Terrible is said to have hidden the books with lists of people he tortured and killed directly or indirectly – the black books, as Russian historians call them. Story has it, the monk who helped the Tsar with this task was forever trapped in Kremlin. Literally – Ivan the Terrible supposedly ordered to tie the monk and the books together forever and included them in the Kremlin wall, having put them behind feet of stone bricks. The spirit of the monk is also said to walk in the hallways of Kremlin, but without a single sound.
The most reportedly haunted areas of Kemlin are depicted on the map below. Kremlin has evolved over the years architecturally, but the historical significance of the suffering inflicted within its walls in the past will never change.
Some say that as long as Lenin’s body remains in Mausoleum next to Kremlin, the spirit of Lenin will not have peace and that is why Lenin’s ghost is rumored to appear in hallways as well.
The Communist party’s right hand leader Kirov was assasinated within Kremlin, in a hallway leading from his own office. Ivan the Terrbile cursed his library and killed the person who knew where it was hidden. Stalin missed his headquarters in Kremlin when he was away from Moscow and is said to return there every now and then even today, from the world beyond. Kremlin won’t know peace for a long time.

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