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La Llorona “The weeping woman”

In different cultures, people tell and retell stories as a way of transmitting knowledge. In Latin America legends and myths are used to preserve collective memory of our history and traditions. These stories are retold from one generation to another, and sometimes they could suffer variations depending on the countries. Today, I would like to share with you the Colombian version of a bloodcurdling story about a woman called “La Llorona” (the weeping woman).

Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman who married a wealthy man, they were very happy. This woman was overjoyed by her husband’s gifts and attentions. One day she realized, she was pregnant. After this day her husband started to change.
He started drinking and seeing other women, often leaving her alone for months.This devastated woman began to feel resentment toward her child. As time went by this terrible feeling was stronger and stronger. One evening, she couldn’t stand that situation anymore; so she took her child, walked into the forest, drowned her child in a river and killed herself. This woman was condemned to eternally suffer. Now, her spirit roams the rivers and creeks searching for her child, always weeping.
Take care of with your children because, according to tale, this spirit will kidnap wandering children.

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