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Hello all,
My name’s Rosie and I’m from the UK. I live near Birmingham in England (almost dead center) but I spend almost half of the year in my university town of Aberystwyth in Wales. I know it’s a mouthful. All Welsh words are. Just remember that Y is pronounced as I. I’m here in Willamette for a semester studying literature. It may sound very odd to you but Salem is actually the most urban place I’ve ever lived. At home I either live surrounded by Welsh countryside or in a small town.

The weather obviously isn’t very different but at the moment we’re having a lot of snow back home. It didn’t happen on Christmas day although this was fortunate because in England we play the game of shifting around as many relatives as we can. But to leave you with the idea of how beautiful the UK is with all its snow here’s a picture of me, like a snowwoman, in Aberystwyth:
snow woman.jpg
For those who don’t know where Wales is I’ve provided this: uk.map.wales.jpg

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