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Amigo Secreto

In many countries around the world Valentine’s day seems to be the perfect day to show all your love to family, friends, and couples. I personally believe it shouldn’t be that way; every day is a good day to demonstrate our love to them. However, this date is also an opportunity to be creative when expressing our love. In Colombia, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day in February, but instead we have a whole month dedicated to love and friendship: September. In this post, I would like to share with you one of the creative traditions we have during this month, a game called “Amigo secreto” or “Secret friend.”

Amigo Secreto could be played with family, friends, or even co-workers. At the beginning of the month all the participants gather and put their names in a small bag. At random, each person should take out a name; this name should not be revealed so this person becomes your secret friend. For two weeks, secret friends interchange candies or snacks; this action is called “endulzar al amigo secreto” or “to sweeten your secret friend.” The participants should have very creative strategies to give these candies to their secret friends without being caught. At the end of these two weeks, there’s a big party to reveal the secret friend’s identity. There are several ways to reveal your identity. Sometimes people don’t say the names of their secret friends but instead they describe them or even draw them, which is really funny. All participants bring a special present to their secret friends. The present shouldn’t be expensive since sharing with people and having fun are the main goals in this game.
¡Feliz mes del amor y la Amistad!
Happy love and friendship month!!!

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