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Valentine’s day and Vietnamese Lunar New year.

Hello everyone,
Greetings from Vietnam! The theme for this week is Valentine’s day, a day for lovers and couples. However in my country, this is not officially a holiday. The tradition has just been setting its footprint in young people’s mind recently, for about a decade. Still, Vietnamese couples welcome this day much like in the Western way. They usually give each other cards with sweetness and flowers. However there’s a thing worth mentioning which is that many young students have taken the opportunity to buy flowers from wholesales around Ha Noi area and sell them on streets or in universities.

They are very quick in sensing the most update trends and wrap the flowers in many beautiful ways. By this, a lot of students who do not live in big cities can partially self-finance their expenses for at least a month. Another thing worth mentioning is that Valentine this year is the very first day of Lunar New year of Viet Nam- which is the biggest and most sacred holidays in my country, much like Christmas in the U.S or Europe, because it’s the time of family union. People wish others luck and give out lucky money to children, with the hope that the money would bring them luck and happiness. Our traditional dishes this holiday are “chung cake” – a cake made in square shape, symbolizing the shape of the earth, demonstrating our ancestors’ belief that the earth is square, and sky is round- symbolized by the “day” cake. These two types of cake are not made through baking, but instead by boiling. The main materials are sticky rice and meat.
banh chung,tet
Ha Noi- capital of Vietnam- celebrated Spring carnaval around Sword Lake:
Vietnamese people welcome Tet in Washington DC:
We also have Vietnamese Blossoms:

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