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Valentine’s Day came second best this week!

I really miss being home this week!! Yes, the British celebrate Valentine’s Day with almost as much enthusiasm as you do in the States. But this Valentine’s was pushed aside. Most of my friends back home were saying ‘Who cares about Valentine’s Day on the 14th?? It’s PANCAKE DAY on the 16th!!! Pancake Day! Yes. It’s an actual day. It’s not your imagination.

Our pancakes are more like crepes than American pancakes but they’re still different. The best part about making them is flipping the pancake in the pan. Many times you end up hitting the ceiling, floor or a body part. You loose a lot of pancakes that way but it’s fun! I eat nothing else but pancakes for dinner that day, as most people should!
So why do these crazy Brits have a special day for pancakes? Well it’s Shrove Tuesday really. Years ago people prepared to fast for lent (a Christian period of fasting that lasts until Easter Sunday) so they’d have to get rid of a lot of food they couldn’t eat during lent such as eggs. It’s the last indulgence!
And we’ve taken those traditions and come up with one of the best holidays on the calendar, where it’s as simple as eating pancakes!!!

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