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Sports in the UK

I have two favourite sports of the UK. One is rugby. It’s sort of like American football but they don’t use that much protection or have as many adverts. The rules are pretty much the same except I think there’s more fighting within rugby. People usually end up with broken noses and bloody faces. It’s a pretty brutal sport which is why some people don’t like it but I think its fun.

We had a good run of luck within rugby the last couple of years. In 2008 the Welsh won the Grand Slam!! It was amazing to watch! My Grandad is Welsh. So whenever they play he gets up and sings the National Anthem of Wales. It’s very amusing. The final was played in Cardiff which is the capital of Wales. It was overcrowded with fans wanting to see their national team so the atmosphere of the match was incredible! France hadn’t lost to Wales in Cardiff since 1996 and for the first 60 mins of the game, it was a tie. That was until Williams came along and put his name in the history books as top Welsh tri scorer. In the end it was Wales 29, France 12. You can’t imagine the feeling that was going through the crowd – let alone us in the living room! It was intense!!! wales grand slam.jpg
Yes, that was back in 2008 and another world cup has passed where we didn’t win anything but I’d like to remind the world that in 2003 England won it! Which wasn’t that long ago. I don’t want to harp back but that was a pretty amazing thing to see. It was SO close between us and Australia. I mean we were biting our nails feeling like it was going to have to go into sudden death. And England SUCKS at sudden death moments. Luckily Johnny Wilkinson was there to score for us – nine minutes before the end of the game. It was amazing and again there was shouting and singing coming from my living room!
Other than rugby we have my other favourite UK sport:
Soccer! The beautiful game! Whatever you want to call it. Yes we haven’t won the World Cup since 1966 but still ! There’s always this year. We’re very into football in England. I’m so happy to be back for the World Cup. It’s the only time when England truly feels patriotic. The flags are everywhere! People who don’t even like football will watch just to see how their country is doing. Across South Africa you’ll probably hear hundreds of complaints against English football fans behaving like hooligans. Football does that to people. We have entire channels JUST about football. There’s even a special channel on Sky for Manchester United fans.
world cup.jpg
Football is continuous throughout the year. There are various cups. All British clubs are put into leagues. The top being the Premiership, then the Championship followed by League One, League Two etc. Usually your team is the team of your city. Unlike some people who are Man U fans just because they always win. I’m not a big fan of them at the moment because they just beat my team to win the Carling Cup. It was sad. But Man U usually wins everything although they’re second in the Premier league to Chelsea at the moment.
My home team is Aston Villa who is 7th at the moment in the Premiership. This is still good! In England we tend to have two or more teams each city and these teams are very competitive. My city of Birmingham has both Aston Villa and Birmingham City. I’m happy to report that for the moment Aston Villa is just above Birmingham.

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