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Squrriels here vs there

The squirrels in Willamette seem to be well loved by everyone. They’re energetic and fun to watch as they chase each other around the trees. I’m always amazed how close they get to you. The squirrels back home are very different. They’re sort of lazy and much fatter!! Most British people don’t have the same feeling towards them as the students here. I mean some people love them like those weird fanatical people who write websites claiming that squirrels talk. Children also seem to like them.

But most other people don’t.They’re kind of considered a pest. You see there are grey squirrels and red squirrels. The red are native to England and the grey are native to America. The problem being some guy imported these squirrels from the East Coast of America. Like many animals that are introduced into a new habitat things go wrong. At least the new squirrels didn’t die – but they did introduce a disease which killed off a massive proportion of red squirrels and took all their food so now there’s hardly any red squirrels left. But as nature evolves the greys now have to compete with black squirrels which are now killing them off like the greys that killed off the red squirrels. The black squirrel is faster, fitter and much more fierce apparently.
black squirrel.jpg
Black Squirrel
Grey Squirrel
red s.jpg
Red Squirrel
What can I say…
It’s a squirrel eat squirrel world.

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