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My name is Adam Cotton and I’m one of the mini-colony of Brits who have landed upon these fine shores. I hope that doesn’t seem offensive or provocative but it is one of the many ways I have been characterised since arriving. As soon as I opened my mouth and my dull and sterile accent reached one particular set of American ears I was chastised for my personal involvement on the wrong side of the American Revolution. I proved my absolute ignorance on the subject before leaving that well known coffee establishment (it rhymes with Carducks) without leaving a tip. But seriously I have been pleasantly surprised with the openness with which I have been met at Willamette. Each and every person-student and faculty member-has proved extremely welcoming and friendly. At times scarily so-though I suppose that’s part of the culture shock.

I’m from a county called Surrey about 30 minutes away from London, best known this side of the Atlantic as Harry Potter’s childhood home. I have legitimately had around twenty conversations about the boy wizard, turns out there’s far more to those books than I first thought-or needed to know. Surrey is very different to Oregon. I am constantly stunned by the natural beauty of the place and of the ridiculous and varied number of outdoors activities available. I have been camping once in my life before I came here, though I’m not a born camper (tents confuse me) I have been totally converted to it.

I’m a Junior majoring in English and American Literature, meaning I’m hopeless at anything requiring logic or a foreign language. The amount of work here has proved intimidating but with a little support from the genuinely lovely people I’ve met already I seem to be getting through. I hope the coming months prove to be as exciting, eye opening and good old fashioned fun as the first few. Cheerio!

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