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Greetings From The Town Of Blue Chocolate!

Hello! My name is Rachel and I am ecstatic to be writing for the WWN this semester!

I come from the United States, more specifically I was born in California and moved to Oregon at 11. Now you Americans must be thinking now: “why is she writing for the WWN? She’s not from the world; the United states does not count as the world! This is a disgrace to Willamette World News!”

Well, I have some WWNews for you! When I was a sophomore in high school, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Japan for a year through Rotary Exchange! I am now fluent in Japanese, and the culture has very much been integrated into me as well, as I think it is impossible to spend that much time at that critical of an age and not absorb the culture. I went to a normal high school and stayed with a normal family for the time that I was there, and loved it!

The Japanese culture followed me here to Willamette, and I am now a Junior and a Japanese Studies major. And if you’re a Willamette student, you know what happens Junior year right? That’s right, STUDY ABROAD! I bet you think I’m in Japan right now, right?

WRONG! No, I’m in France! A combination of a mishmash of split decisions, a continued curiosity of the world, and an adoration of language has led me to Angers, France where I am spending my fall semester.

Angers is a small college-ish town in the Northwest of France. The nearest big city is Nantes, which is located about an hour or two away. Angers is famous for its blue chocolate and is the location of the factory for the orange liqueur Cointreau.

What I love about Angers is the vibrance of the city. I live with a host family, but the location is 10 minutes away from school and 20 minutes away from the downtown area. There’s always young people out and about and something to do. I’m going to a small private school, taking French language and culture related classes. I’m meeting many people from around the world, and absorbing the culture of France to the best of my abilities!

I’m excited to share with you my experiences and discoveries through the WWN, and I’m looking forward to the interesting topics that will be explored this year!

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