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I’ll begin with a brief introduction. My name is Paulina Scapigliata Ludwig Torreblanca Reyes Rojas Re… And the list goes on.

But to keep this short and sweet, I’ll resign to just Paulina for now.

Although some of you probably know me as Candice from Iowa but that’s a whole other (drunken) story.

I hail from Sweden (Smörgåsbord, IKEA, Zlatan, ABBA) but as you can tell from my litany of names my geneology does not stop there.

My parents are from Chile in Latin America (explaining why I look nothing like your typical swede), my grandfather is German, and I have family in Spain, Finland, Argentina, Germany and Thailand. Oh and I live in Scotland.

Confusing enough for you? I can hardly keep track of it myself.

I was born in Sweden and hence speak the language, along with Spanish and English, and chances are if you speak any other languages than these I will have offended you with my broken reiterations of whatever phrase I happen to know.

I attend university in the drinking capitol of Europe; Glasgow.

Glasgow University? I hear you ask. Nope. Strathclyde University, the one you settle for when you have been rejected from Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews.

I major in Psychology (and no that does not mean that I can read your mind) and minor in English (meaning yes I do write awful poetry).

Fun fact about me.

I can solve a rubik’s cube in a minute.

I’ve been backpacking through Europe

I know just about everything when it comes to Harry Potter.

I drink.

To elaborate, I imbibe in the manner common to Scandinavians; to the point of slurring the words ‘’I’m not drunk!’’ while sending snap-chat selfies on the toilet to all my friends. We Scandinavians truly commit to drinking, and if it ever became a sport, we would be the reigning slurring champions.

Other less harmful hobbies include writing, dancing and singing, however poorly, and joining in outdoor activities. A month into my stay at Willamette and so far I’ve been hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, and since my stay is short I hope to do much, much more!

Some might have come across me at the Bistro, where I spend many evenings trying but failing to complete assignments and nom-ing away on chocolate cookies and distracting both my friends and the staff from doing anything more productive than hypothesizing the life of narwhals.

Work wise I am a referee for intermural soccer, and also play in the awesome Team Europe ironically made up of mostly non-Europeans.

The question I always get is; Why Willamette?

My answer is why not?

To tell you the truth reader, I was initially intimidated by the prospect of coming to the US. All I knew before coming here came from watching TV shows like Cops and American pie. And while most things have not lived up to the craziness of these depictions of American life, some most definitely have. But I will save those nuggets of entertainment for future blog entries.

A few less crude surprises include the wonderfulness that is waffle fries (fried decadence), rite aid (with their daunting motto that sounds like it came out of an Arnold Schwarzenegger film – THIS TIME ITS PERSONAL) and Peanut butter cups (praise to whomever managed to distil hugs and place them in chocolate cups for our enjoyment).

Before my arrival, I had someone sum up Salem in one sentence.

Be prepared for some uncomfortably friendly people. And to tell you the truth, the sentiment has been painfully accurate. But then again I love Willamette, Salem, Oregon and all its weirdness. Because it is a good kind of weird, even if it makes you somewhat uncomfortable. Like an overly affectionate flatulent bear. With a spatula. Enjoy that image, why don’t you?!

In summation then? Salem is an awesome place to be if you’re a vegetarian, wanna-be writer, thinker, heavy drinker, amorous-weird person like me.

I look forward to writing articles (from a Swedish, latina and Scottish perspective) on the different culture shocks, meldings and clashes I experience here and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

You should know I am a long time sufferer of RBF (resting bitch face) but don’t be put off, I am actually an uncomfortably friendly person too. And dammit Willamette, I will talk your ear off about narwhals and unicorns if given the slightest indication of interest.

Chances are if you meet me I will hug you. And if you pull away I will hunt you down and give you a cuddle.

And if you are nice, I’ll throw in a Swedish kiss. It’s like a French kiss, but with vodka.

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