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Phony Abbott?


Preface: I’m cautious of tackling the issue of “public opinion of Australian government.” For one, I’m not the greatest fan of our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott, nor am I aware of his latest moves of debauchery since I have been abroad. It’s also hard to generalise all of the public opinions towards our PM and his Liberal Party, but I will try to condense the general attitude of my demographic in this article.

Before I came to university, many people who I came across were apathetic towards politics. I had often heard that the Australian public had a “loud minority and silent majority” in regards to such topics. Yet when I came to UWA and I realised that what the government does will actually affect me, I began to take more interest in the happenings of the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) along with my peers.


At my university, members of The Socialist Alternative (notorious for provocative banners and flyers) are often seen wearing shirts brandishing the slogan, “FUCK TONY”. After every Liberal Party announcement, my Facebook feed blows up with protest posts and endlessly relevant memes from pages such as “Simpsons Against the Liberals.



Why all the hate for Tony Abbott? Well, it may have to do with the fact that he doesn’t stand for anyone in Australia, expect maybe the circle-jerking, rich, white men. He has threatened to “shirtfront” Putin, called Canada “Canadia” and used the phrase “suppository of wisdom” with confidence. But apart from being a general idiot, the main reason for public distrust in our PM boils down to his dodgy policies.

He is the self-appointed Indigenous Minister who calls Indigenous life a “lifestyle choice” and “not conducive to the kind of full participation in Australian society.”

He has also selected himself as Minister for Women, because, you know, a woman isn’t qualified for the job. I guess choice is limited since he has only two women in his cabinet of thirty. His misogynistic views are also are no secret, with this viral video of former PM Julia Gillard calling him out.

The inhumane treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian government has also made worldwide news, as Australia has been accused of systematically violating torture conventions by the United Nations. Abbott simply re-joined that “Australians are sick of being lectured by the UN”.


The government has cut pensions and repealed the carbon tax at the expense of the environment. The government’s recent University Deregulations Reform Bill was a contentious issue on campus, advising Australian universities to adopt the US higher education model. There were many protests, emergency rallies and the “March in May”. Seeing all these students protesting for the right to an affordable education demonstrates that whilst we may be a lazy bunch, we can band together and stand up for what is right. And it worked! The Senate overturned the Bill an hour before I wrote this article!


To end this post, I’d like to link you to a gem of a video, summarising the public opinion towards the PM, enjoy!


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