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Transcending Cultures: the trifles of internationals at Willamette


The topic for the next issue was given to us by one of Willamette’s anthropology professors, Professor Vandehey and gives us insight into the experiences of international at Willamette.

As international students, you have undoubtedly encountered and experienced many situations on campus that seem shocking, inexplicable, odd, or even funny. Take a moment to reflect on a time or place that initially seemed quite foreign to you. Describe the situation and reflect on your initial reaction to the cross-cultural experience. How did you initially understand what you were experiencing? Has your understanding changed over time as you have become increasingly enculturated at Willamette?

We hope you get a chance to enjoy these articles amidst finals and the holidays!


Lara, Rachel, and Brie

The WWN Editorial Team

/!\Please note: the statement made in these articles do not reflect the view of Willamette University or the countries of the respective contributors./!\

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  2.   By Todd L., LCSW on Dec 12, 2015 | Reply

    Great idea…I look forward to reading the various international student experiences!

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