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A thing or two about those oh-so-wonderful culture shocks »

When I was eighteen I moved from Finland to the UK. I was about to start my studies in Liverpool and I was so unbelievably excited and happy and excited, which left no room for the fear of the unknown. I arrived in Liverpool one September day and got instantly hit by a sweet and […]

Food, Glorious Food »

Hello Willamette! Long time no write! I’m afraid this is going to be my last contribution to WWN so I better make it as tasty as possible, no? As it happens, food is one of my great passions in life; whether it is eating, feeding, making or simply looking at food. (Google Images is both […]

On Migration, Bureaucracy and Culture Clash »

I have been, sort-of, an immigrant three times in my life. I say ‘sort-of’, because in all three experiences my use of the word can be argued against. The first time I was just a baby, therefore, apart from linguistic immersion and an array of multicultural nannies, I didn’t really experience the culture-clash. The other […]

Art and Art History in the Educational System in Finland »

I cannot say that I remember a lot from the art classes throughout my education. I know that I have done a lot of paintings in school, that I learned a few different techniques, and that my teacher in art in lower secondary was a very facinating person. For me art was always one of the […]

Heipä hei! Очень приятно! »

My name is Rosinka and I’m an exchange student for a semester here at Willamette.I’m half Finnish, half Russian. I grew up moving from place to place – sometimes from country to country. I love traveling and exploring new cultures: meeting the people, hearing their language and eating their food. I put the emphasis on […]

Hej! »

My name is Sofia and I come from the land where polar bears walk around in the streets. Well, that is what people think at least. In Finland we do not have any polar bears, but the rest you’ve heard about my country is probably true. Finland is a country where karaoke is popular, way […]

Let’s watch it!!! »

Bonjour and Tervehdys, We are two new fresh international students studying at Willamette this year. I am Anne from the University of Turku in Finland.