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A word from a former WWN contributor… »

I moved to MO for a graduate Math program. I came across something interesting, and thought I’d share it with you. Apparently it “snowed” in some places in Kenya, and everyone got excited. The link below has pictures and brief comments.

From Matatu to the Masai via mobile »

The telecommunication industry in Kenya is growing at a fast rate. This is driven mainly by the increasing use of cell phones in communication. The growth in number of users of cell phones over the last five years has increased more than six times, while land lines remain roughly the same number. This increase has […]

Election Hurdles »

As one of the legislative assembly members, Kenya, Ms Njoki Ndung’u is rooting for more representation of women and the disabled in the election process. According to a member of Parliament, Kenya’s politcal system is not set out to favor an open and fair field. Feeling that women and the disabled are discriminated against, she […]

Colonial System Haunting Kenya »

The British, during the colonial days in Kenya set up an administrative system to keep tabs on its citizens. It served its purpose but was oppressive to the locals. This system, though set up a long time ago, has hardly evolved to reflect modern situations. Interestingly, the administrators created from the system had grown so […]

John »

Hello there again! My name is John, and I come from Kenya. I am in my second year at Atkinson. Over the last two years, I have tried to find interesting articles about Kenya and what’s happening there. This semester will be no exception as I will continue to find more interesting and diverse issues […]

Duped Into Slavery »

Facing difficult life prospects, some Kenyans have ventured to work overseas to try and better their livelihood. While there have been success stories, often instances of abuse and threats are reported. In the article on the link provided, is outlined the story of a few Kenyans who made it to the Middle East to work. […]

Threat of diseases from Somalia looms large »

Recently, the internationally recognized government in Somalia found itself in serious conflict with a Muslim backed organization. Somalia’s transition government, as it’s widely called, lacks the economic and political might to restore order in the country. Consequently, it has been largely unable to stem the rising violence and instability threatening the country.

The Oil Prices Dilemma »

The price of oil has recently declined by more than 25%, and ideally this should reflect on consumer prices. However, oil traders in Kenya are still charging prices set during peak prices. The government has requested oil traders to reflect the drop in oil prices on the prices consumers are charged. However, there is widespread […]

John (Kenya) »

Hello everyone. My name is John, and I come from Kenya. I am currently in my final year at Atkinson. I came to the U.S. roughly five and half years ago, and did my undergrad in another small university in Missouri. I grew up in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Kenya is in East Africa, […]

John Oruongo »

Endangered animals sold The President of Kenya just signed an agreement to sell 175 animals to Thailand, including some that are on the endangered species. This, obviously, has sparked outrage in Kenya and internationally. Kenya press frets as vote nears As next Monday’s referendum on Kenya’s new constitution looks set to go ahead after a […]

John Oruongo »

Thinking of visiting Kenya? Read this and you’ll get more idea of why you need to. Water Rights Has the Nile ever been controversial? Well, it is a historical river, no doubt. But now it’s threatening to be politically controversial. Cherono wins Beijing Marathon A Kenyan runner wins a marathon in an ill-fated race. One […]

John Oruongo »

Hello! Included this week are three articles: one on sports, one on politics, and one on social life. Enjoy the news! Kenya’s Volleyball Team wins Cup of Nations Political Leaders Stoop to Name-Calling

John Oruongo »

Hi there, I am John Oruongo, from Kenya. Currently, I am a grad student at Atkinson. I have been in the US since January 2001. Before coming here, I lived in Springfield, Missouri. This is also where I did my undergrad studies. My majors were Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. Kenya is on the […]